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Whether you’re operating an existing dental practice location or looking to open a new one, here’s a key word to consider: vulnerability. Location is everything when it comes to finding the best patients for your practice, so SMC is excited to offer a FREE real estate vulnerability analysis through our friends at Leaders Real Estate. With this analysis, you’ll be able to see if your current practice, or one you plan to open, is in an area that will promote growth.

Know Your Risks.

To make smart business decisions, you need to consider your vulnerabilities. From a site perspective, these include factors like:

High density of competition
Poor accessibility
High cost per square foot
Poor demographic fit

Lean on the Experts.

When it Comes to Choosing a Site, You Want to Be in the Know

Our friends at Leaders Real Estate conduct comprehensive vulnerability assessments for dental practice locations. Led by veteran real estate development executive Austin Hair, the Leaders team will help you identify potential risks so that you have the tools to make informed choices. Leaders offers:

Expert site risk assessment
Experience with businesses of all sizes
Visual, data-driven projections
Help in real estate negotiations

Private Client Services on a National Platform

Develop Your Plan.

Your FREE dental real estate vulnerability analysis will help you make smarter, more effective business decisions. Each report includes:

Competitive market analysis
Clear, annotated site maps
Data-based insights
Tools to help guide your business decisions

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