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Confidently Fill Your Dentists' Chairs

We are Growth Partners who help entrepreneurial dentists generate powerful revenue growth by boosting marketing, operations, and sales.

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What is a Growth Partner?

We help you create, convert, and close more new patients.

New Leads Per Month
13020 +

Where Would You Like To Be In 6 Months?

Growing Fast

Adding Full Arch

Buying Locations

Built for Solo Practices, Emerging DSOs and Dental Groups

We work ONLY with dental: dentists, group practices, or DSOs.
Marketing ROI Over 24 Months
New Marketing Patients Generated
New Patient Growth Year Over Year
New Marketing Patients Generated

See Where Your Money is Going

Through our partnership with Trackable, you’ll see your ROI for your entire new patient journey. Track everything from how much it costs to make your phone ring to the long-term value of every patient we deliver — all based on your own PMS data and updated in real-time.

Here's What Our Clients and Partners Have to Say

“SMC takes a huge burden off of practice owners. They’re the experts. They get all of it — the management team, the practice, how it all interacts, even with multiple brands. Plus they’ve got so many things like coaching and data that you can’t find anywhere else.”
Josey Sewell
DEO Partner
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Learn how your current marketing is performing and how you can make it better. Your free impact report includes a competition assessment, new patient opportunity maps, marketing gaps analysis, and phone conversion insights.
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Start Growing Fast

Book a marketing impact call to discover your top growth opportunities and learn how to generate 25+ new patients a month.

Close 5+ Arches A Month

Book a marketing impact call to learn how you can make full arch the biggest growth area for your practice.

Launch Your Next Location

Book a marketing impact call to learn how you can partner with our team to map your ideal locations, build a marketing strategy, and begin generating scalable growth.