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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered.

At SMC National, we partner with dental practices to navigate the complexities of growth and marketing. With our help, you can acquire more new patients, generate more revenue, and improve the efficiency of your growth processes. Our unique approach centers around working closely with you, understanding the intricacies of your practice, and devising custom strategies aimed at achieving your specific goals. 

Whether you’re here to get quick answers to your pressing questions or to dive deeper with our videos, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about how we can take your practice to the next level!

As your growth partner, SMC is more than just a marketing company. It’s a dedicated ally that starts with your end goal in mind, creating customized strategies to navigate challenges and enhance growth. We work closely with you, ensuring that each plan is tailored to meet your practice’s specific needs and objectives.

No practice is too small to collaborate with SMC National. Our goal is to support dental practices in their growth journey, regardless of size. By focusing on expanding your patient base and enhancing your competitive edge, we ensure that every practice can achieve its growth potential.  

Lead aggregate companies offer low-cost leads by sharing a single lead among multiple dental offices. While this may reduce your cost per lead, it also means you’ll be actively competing with other practices over each lead, which will make it harder for you to turn leads into patients.

SMC National focuses on providing integrated growth strategies rather than a la carte services. This approach ensures that every aspect of your marketing effort works together towards achieving your overall growth objectives, offering a more effective and cohesive strategy. 

It’s crucial for dentists or practice owners to be directly involved in marketing decisions. Delegating these decisions without proper oversight can lead to misaligned strategies that don’t serve the practice’s best interests. Active leadership participation ensures that your marketing efforts are fully aligned with your growth goals and the overall vision for your practice.