About SMC

Meet Our Team.

The team at SMC is composed of thoughtfully selected professionals who have a strong work ethic and embody our company core values. You’ve never met a team like ours, and we can promise that you won’t find one as dedicated and committed to growth anywhere else.

Our Why Always Growing!

Gary Bird
Ryan Hemphill
Shellee Alarcon
Project Manager
Caitlin Alber
Operations Manager
Russell Alt
Director of Human Resources
Christina Alexander
Client Success Manager
Shelby Ballard
Client Success Manager
Amanda Beil
Project Manager
Cheryl Bell
Call Analyst
Daniel Bowen
Cheyenne Burnett
Digital Content Specialist
Channan Cassella
Call Conversion Coach
Lindsey Cepeda
Project Manager
Shanice Chau
Marketing Project Manager
Ian Cooper
Senior Copywriter
Ryan Darner
Client Success Manager
Mark Enkerud
Head Content Writer
Peter Gossett
Director of IT
Wimberie Gray
Melody Harkins
Call Analyst
Tiffany Hemphill
Call Analyst
Vic Hennegan
Client Partnership Executive
Alejandro Hernandez
Junior Web Designer
Hailey Hutchinson
Client Success Manager
Haylee Ison
Quality Control Associate
Alyssa Keefer
Director of Business Development
Morgan MacDougall
Client Success Manager
Richard Margelli
Creative Director
Lauren Mayol
Training & SOP Manager
Sarah McGinnis-Poettker
Call Conversion Coach
Jack Meyers
Ad Manager
Taylor Milata
Corporate Social Media Manager
Taylor Miller
Enterprise Client Success Manager
Courtney Montoya
Call Analyst
Tabitha Nichols
Quality Control Associate
Allison Nicholson
Call Analyst
Alaina Niemerg
Director Of Client Experience
Abby Northcutt
Quality Control Associate
Eve Norton
Project Manager
Amanda Oropeza
Quality Control Manager
Liza Perri
Tracey Pfeiffer
Human Resources Generalist
Selena Phelan
Project Manager
Erik Pineda
App Integration Specialist
Mark Pineda
Billing Specialist
Pheary Pineda
Executive Assistant
Jordan Powell
IT Support Specialist
Rachel Retana
Media Production Manager
Kristen Ros
Social Media Intern
Paige Senecal
Call Analyst
Jessin Stalnaker
Call Analyst
Joy Stalnaker
Call Analyst
Melisa Teran
Sr Project Manager
Abbie Thompson
Listing Specialist
Eddie Tyshkevich
SEO Manager
Ashley Weber
Social Media Content Manager
Patti Weber
Cassi Whisman
Support Project Manager
Ryan Williams
Senior Front End Developer

Top talent from all across the country!

SMC Team (US) Placeholder
SMC Team (US)

Adding a Touch of Unicorn Magic.

We’re a Team Like No Other


Noun. (yoo-ni-corn)

  1. Often found frolicking through Slack channels and sprinkling high fives upon one another, an SMC Unicorn is prized for its devotion towards growth. Rumored to have been brought together by a legendary Bird.

Fun Fact: A herd, or team, of unicorns is called a Blessing.
This means we can confidently say our team is truly a “Blessing” to work with!

SMC takes the growth of our team, our client’s teams, and our client’s practices very seriously. This is why we only recruit “unicorns” — high-level professionals that embody years of occupational experience, extreme creativity, self-awareness, and ownership of their responsibilities.

At SMC, we care about everyone we interact with, whether it be our team or our client’s team. We always proceed thinking, “what is best for the team” and thus, believe that every member of our Unicorn tribe deserves a judgement-free environment and that their psychological, mental health, and personal time is respected and encouraged. SMC’s company leadership aims to help each and every one of our team members grow in both their professional and personal life.

For our clients, SMC is a people-focused, results driven marketing agency that caters to dentists and group practices. A large part of what we do to help our client’s marketing campaigns be successful is professional team coaching. We give them the tools to better understand and effectively communicate with people, which goes beyond just answering phones or presenting treatment, it trickles into their personal lives—and that is growth everyone can benefit from!

Our Core Values.

  • Ownership
  • Self-Awareness
  • Over-Communicate
  • Resourceful
  • Proactive
  • Relationship-Based


Fostering Ownership is powerful and can mean the difference between “just a job” and a purpose


Self-Awareness opens the door and enables us to keep growing


A surefire way to get things straight is to make sure we Over-Communicate


Success is not about your resources. It’s about how Resourceful you are with what you have


A Proactive approach is the only approach


Value Relationships over transactions

Our Core Values.

Our Just Cause.

SMC was established to assist individuals in living out their unique abilities and passions in order to help bring the greatest impact possible. We accomplish more together!

To our SMC family, we encourage you to follow your passion, no matter where that takes you. SMC will always support and help cultivate your dreams. We strive to be our best for each other and our clients. SMC will continually challenge itself to better serve you as a friend, partner, and team.

To our clients, we pledge to provide you the clientele that you desire, so that you can live out your vision of true growth.

If something in your business isn’t working properly, we will do everything we can to understand the root cause and prevent it slowing you down in the future. We care about your marketing and campaigns because we treat them as if they were our own, and that our futures are linked together.

To our client’s teams, we commit to offering training, clear expectations, measures of success, and accountability in order to guide growth. Our desire is to tutor your team to become the very best that they can be in order to help them live out their own passions and fulfill your visions for the future.