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More new patients. Higher revenue. Just for dental.

We are Growth Partners that will turbocharge your marketing, conversion, and retention strategies.

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We Help Groups and Practices Grow

We partner exclusively with dental groups, emerging DSOs, and solo practices. Work with us to generate revenue through predictable dental marketing and new patient growth — all optimized to boost conversion and retention plus lower your per-patient costs.


Generate Leads

We’re really good at getting people to call your front desk asking for an appointment. In marketing, that’s called lead generation — and it’s our primary mission as a company. You’ll be able to set a specific lead goal and trust that we’ll hit it more than 95 percent of the time.

How It Works


Boost Conversion Rates

Once we make your phone ring, your team has to convince each caller to actually schedule. We’ll train your call handlers to do a better job converting those calls into visits — and then teach your doctors how to convert more of those visits into long-term patients.

How It Works


Track Everything

Tired of not knowing whether your marketing spend is actually paying off? Us too. By linking our partner app Trackable with your PMS, you’ll be able to track your costs and ROI for every step of the marketing process. You’ll know how much you’re paying to generate a lead, bring a new patient through your doors, and keep them coming back for more.

How It Works


Scale Alongside Your Group

As you add specialties, doctors, or locations, we’ll scale your marketing to meet your increased demand for new patients. We work with everyone from solo practices to 50+ location emerging DSOs and know how to deliver results that will keep up with your growth.

How It Works


Lower Your Per Patient Costs

Because we track so much of your marketing data, we’re able to ruthlessly optimize every step of your new patient journey. As a result, you’ll enjoy lower per-patient marketing costs because each dollar you spend gets used more efficiently. While we can’t guarantee results, we are often able to squeeze roughly 20 percent more new patients out of your current ad budget.

How It Works

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