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Each time you can’t turn a phone call into an appointment or a toothache into a yes on a treatment plan, you’re losing money. We’ll teach your team how to get patients to show up, commit to treatment, and keep coming back.

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Your team will be getting the best. Our conversion coaches combine for 40+ years of dental industry or team development experience.

Alaina Niemerg

Director of Client Experience

“I love that coaching offers dental teams the right tools to take their practices to new heights.”

Channan Cassella

Call Conversion Coach

“When I see a team member's gears turning and them connecting the dots, it makes me happy!”

Sarah McGinnis-Poettker

Call Conversion Coach

“I love developing relationships with coaching clients, watching them grow, and celebrating with them as they succeed!”

Conversion Coaching by the Numbers

We’ve taught hundreds of teams how to convert more new patients, keep them around longer, and stop wasting marketing dollars. Here are some typical results that our clients report.

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0 %
jump in overall new patient conversion and retention.
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0 %
better conversion rates for new team members.
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0 %
increase in new patient referrals.

Purpose of Conversion Coaching

Conversion coaching provides team members with a support system that gives their office tools, resources, and encouragement. SMC Coaches partner with client team members in order to help them feel more confident and supported in their role when it comes to patient communications and successfully converting potential new patients.


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See up to 20% more new patients and case acceptances without spending a dollar more on ads.

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Give your team the opportunity to implement our coaching resources by attending our complimentary coaching session. This will allow them to receive the resources, best practices, tips and tricks that our coaches have in order to take back to the office and implement independently.

Practice Driven Phone Conversion

If teams implement our coaching resources independently, they can see an increase in conversion of 5-10% per month.

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Set your team up for success by proactively scheduling phone coaching for a bi-weekly basis. In doing so, SMC Coaches continuously remind their teams to implement our proven methods through mindfulness reminders.

Biweekly Phone Conversion Coaching

Offices participating in active, consistent coaching can increase conversion by implementing our best practices by 10-15%.

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Customized Package Options

Purpose of Coaching:

The coaching services provided by SMC National help our clients strengthen their teams and increase their ROI. Coaching allows us to partner with your team members in the practice to provide resources, learning opportunities and confidence-boosting activities. Our team strives to build rapport with yours in order to help them feel confident and supported in their roles.

Coaching Options Available:

SMC National is here to provide additional support for your new team members. Let our expert coaches help your team members find their confidence and how to handle various situations that may arise in their first few months in their new role in the dental practice.


  • First Impressions
  • Answering the Phones
  • Maintaining the Lobby
  • New Patient Calls
  • Communicating with Disgruntled Patients
  • Efficient Scheduling
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Confidently Communicating / Assumptive Language / Body Language

Team members who partake in coaching within their first 90 days in the practice tend to see an accelerated growth in confidence. Providing new team members with access to support that builds their confidence can increase conversion on marketing leads by 10-15% when the tactics are implemented.

Our coaching team at SMC National has identified trends in the new patient experience that when best practices are implemented, offices see an impressive increase in patient retention. Let our expert coaches provide your team with the support needed to wow your patients every time!


  • Welcoming Patients Into the Practice
  • Creating a Warm Environment in the Reception Area
  • Clinical Team Greeting
  • Treatment Presentation
  • Appointment Conclusion / Wrapping It Up
  • Asking for Reviews

New patients are necessary to every dental practice if they’re looking to grow. By providing team members with support, SMC National’s coaches aim to assist your team in giving your patients a 5-Star experience each time. When our tactics are implemented, new patient conversion and retention can grow by up to 15-20%.

At SMC National, we are big on seeing the person before the employee. This approach has helped us to find the best team members and create an environment people truly enjoy being a part of. Our team members have seen this approach be effective in the practice when communicating with patients. Allow us to share with your team the benefits of slowing down and connecting with patients on a deeper level.


  • Emotion in Dentistry
  • DiSC and Patient Receptiveness
  • Observe, Assess, Recognize
  • Patient Barriers / Barrier Handling Model
  • Body Language / Communicating Thoroughly
  • Treatment Presentation / Presenting Cost

Dental practices thrive when their new patients are accepting treatment. What’s your current case acceptance rate? When team members are provided mindfulness tools pertaining to creating an impressive environment and experience for new patients, case acceptance and patient retention can be increased by 15-20%. Let our team of coaches provide your team with the necessary tools to wow your patients every time!

Do your team members understand the difference between marketing and referred patients? Are they caught up in the day-to-day of the office and not being mindful to add the personal touches that creates an outstanding experience? This coaching package was created to provide teams with ideas and resources to engage their community, entice their patients and encourage their teams.

  • Marketing Patients vs. Referred Patients
  • Social Media Tips and Tricks
  • Engaging Existing Patients
  • Talking About Reviews in the Office
  • Personal Touches
  • Community Engagement
  • Recare Promotions

SMC National is here to provide your team with new patient leads. After they’ve been delivered to the office, are they becoming a lifetime patient or are they falling off the schedule? By providing team members with best practices, tips and tricks and ideas they can take and implement in the practice, patient referrals and patient retention can increase by up to 20%. Our team of coaches are here to support you

Every patient is different, and so are the things that motivate them, the way they receive information, and how they communicate with your team. It's critical that dental office team members understand how to communicate with each patient in a way they’ll be receptive to. Team members who learn to understand patients' personalities can increase patient loyalty, case acceptance, patient referrals, and patient satisfaction.

  • What is DiSC?
  • Benefits to the Practice
  • Identifying Questions

Listening to and understanding our patients is the first step to helping them achieve their goals. When team members can take note of identifying factors that’ll help them best relate to the patient they’re serving, patient satisfaction, patient loyalty and case acceptance all benefit. Offices partaking in DiSC Coaching and implementing the communication techniques can see an increase of 10-15% in patient loyalty, case acceptance, patient referrals, and patient satisfaction

Does your practice have specific goals they’re striving to meet? SMC National’s coaches have a combined over 20+ years in the dental field and can build a coaching package to support your team on a path to meet their goals. 


With the help of your leadership team, the SMC National Coaching Team will identify your practice’s goals, structure a course for your team members, and provide fun and engaging learning opportunities.


Regularly supported teams who attend coaching on a consistent basis exhibit an increase in both patient conversion and patient satisfaction which leads to a positive return on investment. You’re better able to serve your patients when your team members feel confident and supported

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