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Learn to Close Full-Arch Cases Like Never Before

If your team hasn't been trained for the skill-set of sales, then your full-arch marketing will fail. Our Full Arch Growth Accelerator training will prepare you and your team to create, convert, and close more full-arch cases.

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Numerous Practices Fail in Full-Arch Marketing Due to Misunderstood Basics

If yours is like most practices, you’re not ready to start spending money on full-arch ads. Your front desk doesn’t know how to handle nurturing full-arch leads, your doctors think they can present treatment just like they would with a GP case, and your whole team probably believes that sales is a dirty word.

Meet Kris from Manhattan Beach Dental and in her first month she achieved a remarkable 50% show rate, a significant increase from less than 10%, and successfully closed three arches, generating $68k in salesSee Case Study


Meet Full Arch Growth Accelerator

Full Arch Growth Accelerator is a live online training program that will prepare you to create leads, schedule consults, and close cases. Over the course of 10 weeks, we’ll show you how to handle phone calls from leads, build relationships over time, master the sales process, and get your patients excited to start treatment.

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Here’s How You’ll Transform Your Team

I started watching and listening to the videos for the Full Arch Sales Academy over the weekend and I was actually blown away by them. It has already given me a much greater understanding of the process of getting a patient off their couch and into any treatment, not just full-arch cases. It stresses the point that as a doctor, it is our role to present all options and to just honestly tell the patient the prognoses and what we’ve seen our patients experience over time, so I love that. But understanding the role of the person that will be closing the cases gives me a much greater respect for that process and I really appreciate that. Highly recommend!

– Current Participant

Who Am I Learning From?

What’s Included?

You’ll get the secrets, resources, and training you need to start closing more arches this month.

Am I a Good Candidate for Coaching?

If any of these describe you or your team, you could be a great fit for coaching.

Coaching can help you get there — fast. Our goal is to help you close 5 to 10 arches within 1 month of your coaching start date.

How Does Coaching Help Me Grow?

Full Arch Growth Accelerator is the marketing and sales boost you need — in a box. You will join a structured, comprehensive program built to help you start closing 5-10 arches per month. The program covers a different part of the full-arch patient journey every week, including areas like marketing, lead nurturing, conversion, and case acceptance.

Each week, you’ll meet with our coaching team of experienced full-arch marketing and sales leaders to talk about your progress, ask questions, and go over your homework assignment from the previous session. You’ll be able to talk about exactly how things are going in your practice right now — and get answers, guidance, and proven strategies that you can implement right away.

You’ll also receive scripting, downloadable resources, and other tools to help you and your team implement everything that you’re learning.


This is a live, 10-week training program that happens on Zoom. You’ll meet weekly with our coaching team and other dentists or practice leaders in your class for structured sessions that will take you through the entire new patient journey for full-arch. You’ll also need to complete homework between each session.

Full Arch Growth Accelerator will give you the foundation to make the most of any future marketing investment. Your team will not only be better prepared to create leads, but make the most of every phone call or consult opportunity. Bottom line: you’ll close more cases for every dollar you invest in marketing.

To get the most out of the program, yes. While we will record every session, you’ll benefit hugely from being on each Zoom call to ask questions and engage with the process.

We’ll ask you to complete a homework assignment before each session. During the program, we’ll also need you to record a sample clinical and sales presentation as well as a lead phone call so we can review each with your team to provide feedback and coaching.

In addition to the recordings of every session and access to our private Slack group that’s just for our members and coaches, you’ll also get marketing readiness checklists, sales scorecards, and a new patient journey map

How to Get Started

We invite dentists and practice leaders who are excited to take on more full-arch cases to apply to Full Arch Growth Accelerator. Just schedule a meeting so we can decide together if it’s a fit.
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