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Dental Practices Struggle to Integrate Marketing and Operations. Here’s One Way to Improve That.

We get it. After a long day of doing everything from answering phones, handling logistics, coordinating schedules, overseeing the latest PMS upgrade, and managing an inevitable crisis or two, most front-office or business operations folks don’t have much bandwidth left over to think about marketing.

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4 Questions You Need to Answer If You Want Your Dental Marketing Patients to Trust You

When I talk to practice owners or DSO execs, I hear a lot of frustration about marketing patients.

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Before Selling to a DSO, Ask These Questions

Today, practice owners increasingly find themselves facing a fork in the road. Do they keep going as a solo dentist or do what many of their peers are doing and sell to a DSO?

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What a Membership Plan Could Do for Your Dental Practice

It’s no secret that many dentists are less than thrilled with dental insurance. We’ve spoken with more than one doctor who has told us that reimbursement rates continue to go down even as labor and supply costs go up — leaving practices feeling squeezed in the middle.

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The Money in Dental Has Gotten Smarter

One thing we love about dental is that most practices succeed. Dentists who open a de novo or buy a second practice tend to do just fine — unlike the typical small business, which has a 65 percent risk of failure over 10 years.

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Every Patient Has a Next Step

Like true love, the course of a dental patient’s journey may not always run smoothly.

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Associate Dentists: Don’t Use Percentage of Collections to Choose Your Next Practice

Fresh out of dental school, you find yourself in an enviable position. You’ve got job offers from not just one, but three practices, each one eager to bring you on board as an associate.

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Inflation is Coming Down. What Does That Mean for Dental?

After reaching a 40-year high by mid-2022, inflation finally seems to be cooling. Core consumer prices are growing at almost normal rates and overall inflation has fallen to 6.5 percent from a high of 9 percent.

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Dental Marketing Alone Isn’t Good Enough. What You Really Need Is Predictable Marketing.

We’ll keep saying it until the rest of the industry picks up the trend. 2023 is going to be the Year of the Dental Marketer. 

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Want to Attract the Best Associates? Think Mentorship.

Dental hiring is still not for the faint of heart. While practice leaders are not facing the same abyss of talent they did during the worst of the pandemic — when it felt like every other hygienist was either retiring or leaving for a massive salary increase from the competitor down the road — neither have conditions returned to the pre-2020 era.

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