Stop Competing With Others and Start Lifting Them Up

Here’s a simple shift in your mindset that can dramatically change your daily experience and move you closer towards the kind of success you want to achieve. 

Stop competing with other people and start putting your energy towards lifting them up instead.

To some of us, this may seem counterintuitive. There’s only so much success to go around, right? To get ahead, we need to focus on getting ours. 

The (delightful) thing is that success tends to breed success. If we put ourselves to the task of knocking those around us out of the way, yeah, we might get somewhere. But we’ll get a heck of a lot further by making the effort to support them instead — to help our colleagues, teammates, and even the competition to do better. 

Plus, we’ll enjoy the journey because we’ll feel better about ourselves along the way.

That’s not just success, but leadership.

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