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Gary Bird Founder and CEO of SMC

Marketing is a continually changing industry. In the early 2000's local marketing started to transition in part from print to email. Email marketing and remarketing was all the rage with open rates as high as 70%. In the early 2010's this strategy got saturated and open rates dropped, forcing business owners to transition to digital marketing and opening a new can of worms.

Surviving the COVID-19 Scare and Preparing for the Rebound

In this episode, Founder & CEO of SMC National, Gary Bird, joins host Perrin DesPortes to discuss surviving the COVID-19 scare and preparing for the rebound. They'll discuss how to take actionable intelligence and apply it to create a fast rebound for you and your business. Gary will provide marketing tactics to retain your patients during an office closure, along with actionable advice on how prepare for a strong rebound from a marketing perspective..

Creating Marketing Systems with Gary Bird

On today's episode of the Dental Momentum Podcast, Jared and Bill sit down and talk with Gary Bird, CEO of SMC National, Inc. marketing company to talk about how to create your dental practices marketing strategy. Gary discusses the lessons that he learned along the way as well as marketing strategies that can help grow your dental practice.