Good Leaders Speak Last

Want to do a better job getting your team to buy into your vision? 

Consultant and dental industry legend Dee Fischer has a suggestion that we love. When it comes to important changes or issues in your organization, you (the leader) should always speak last, not first.

Too often, a dentist or executive will simply tell their team what’s what. Implementing a new schedule? Shifting the mission of your practice? Considering bringing on more associates? 

It’s your way or the highway. Right?

Well, sure. You’re the one signing paychecks, so your team will go along. But that’s not the same thing as actually getting on board. 

So instead, try this: the next time you have an important team meeting, let your team talk through their thoughts on whatever the issue is. Listen to them. Hear what they have to say. 

And only then share your perspective. 

You’ll almost certainly learn something yourself. And your team will feel like they were able to participate in the process and be more likely to be okay with the outcome. 


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