What Do Most Group Practices Miss When They Recruit?

Two critical words: mission and values. 

Younger professionals (along with plenty of more seasoned folks) care about more than just the bottom line. They want to spend their time and energy contributing to something that matters.

This means that offering a strong salary may not be enough to sign the best talent. Your hiring team needs to be able to sit down with candidates and say three things:

  1. “This is our mission.”
  2. “These are our core values.”
  3. “Here’s how you’ll be a part of it all.”

In order to do that, of course, you’ll need to define your mission and your values. Ask yourself what those words mean to you. Reflect on what excites you about your business and consider: how can we best work together to help the community we serve?

Ask your team the same questions. Reflect some more. Then sit down and write a mission statement and some core values that help focus the energy of your team and describe the culture you want to create. 

The goal isn’t just to appeal to new recruits but to give your whole group a sense of direction and ask for their help in getting there.

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