SMC and Sunbit Partner to Make it Simple for Dentists to Generate New Patients

Ian Cooper

Senior Copywriter

Big news: We’re joining forces with Sunbit. SMC’s new partnership will make it simpler for dentists to create, convert, and close new patients by offering a complete, coordinated patient journey that combines our marketing and conversion prowess with powerful Sunbit financing.

“I’m thrilled to announce this collaboration with Sunbit,” said our founder, Gary Bird. “Financing is one of the biggest blockers between dental patients and treatment, so being able to help our clients add Sunbit’s 85 percent financing approval rate to their case acceptance toolkits is huge.”

The goal of our partnership is to help more dental practices grow. You’ll be able to work with SMC to generate leads, convert more scheduled appointments or consults, tackle no-shows, and even improve your case presentations… and then let Sunbit remove the final barrier between your patients and “yes”.

While this 1-2 combo sounds like a natural fit, our relationship with Sunbit didn’t happen overnight. It evolved out of a longstanding problem — too many patients can’t pay for needed treatment — that has proven to be a consistent thorn in the side of treatment coordinators and practice leaders looking to close more cases and generate starts.

And the stakes in those situations are high. On a recent episode of Dental Marketing Theory, Gary spoke with Jay Letwat, Sunbit’s vice president of dental, about how practices have one shot to get financing right. “Once that patient gets declined,” Jay said, “you will never see them again. Never. So you got to treat them like gold.”

Unfortunately, most existing financing options are simply too limited. Many medical loan companies make decisions based heavily on your FICO score — which is at best an incomplete picture of your ability to repay a loan.

“There’s so many different nuances,” Jay said. “FICO is absolutely terrible for short-term loans. So we use AI and machine learning and take [a patient’s] data and run it against our model, which looks at three to 4,000 different data points. And we essentially build a unique picture for that individual.”

It’s this layered, complex approach to financing decisions that allows Sunbit to approve the vast majority of patients in-office — typically within seconds of you entering their information on an iPad. “Your office scans a patient’s driver’s license and puts in their name and email and you ask them ‘Hey, is this your updated info?’ They click agree and congratulations! They’ve just been approved for $6,100.”

In other words, your financing options won’t just be flexible, but fast.

Our clients have already begun taking advantage of the new partnership. And with Sunbit also joining us for this year’s Dental Marketing Manager Bootcamp, this feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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