So You’re Going to Be a Guest on Dental Marketing Theory?

Here’s what the process looks like!


Brief Prep Interview.

The week before we record, we’ll do a quick, informal pre-interview with you.

  • Don’t worry about preparing — this is informal and won’t be shown publicly
  • We want to get to know you better so we can plan the episode

Provide Promo Materials.

We’ll take care of editing and promoting the episode, but we need a few final items from you.

  • Provide us with a headshot for social media
  • Provide your social media links and website info below



Get Ready.

Before we begin VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDING the podcast, we need your help in making sure it goes smoothly.

  1. Use Google Chrome as your web browser
  2. Mute all notifications on your computer and phone
  3. Wear headphones for the best sound quality
  4. Consider your background and surroundings for filming
  5. Ensure your camera lens is clean

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s showtime! You and Gary Bird will record the episode together.
  • Link to the Video/Audio Recording will be in your calendar invite, and usually lasts about an hour
  • It’s more conversational, Gary will lead you through to make you look like the hero
  • We want to learn about your story and your expertise
  • Have fun with it — we edit the whole recording afterward



Share the Finished Product.

Huzzah! Your episode of Dental Marketing Theory is now available on iTunes!

  • We will tag you on social media once your podcast is released
  • Share the link with friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers
  • Encourage them to leave a review and subscribe

Upload your documents here


Thank You!

We’re so grateful that you’re sharing your knowledge and experience with our audience. Thank you for your help!