Surviving the Great Resignation


If you’re struggling to staff your practice, take solace in knowing that you’re not alone. Since the start of the pandemic, dental groups across the country have found that the well of available talent has dried up — often overnight.

This means that you need to start thinking differently. Rather than trying to solve a problem by simply throwing people at it, ask: what can I do to be smarter or more efficient about this?

One answer is outsourcing. Instead of running your marketing in-house, for example, you can hire an outside expert like SMC. When done right, outsourcing can both lower your costs and boost your success — while freeing up money to spend on recruiting new talent. 

Consider, too: what parts of your business are still running on analog in a digital world? What processes have you outgrown?

When big changes strike, we face not just trouble, but an opportunity to adapt and evolve. What’s yours?

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