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Ready to Scale Your Dental Practice? This Event Will Give You the Playbook.

If you’re an ambitious dentist with dreams of adding a second location (or a seventh!), you may find yourself feeling stuck.

How do you take your vision of a burgeoning dental group and turn it into reality?

After all, you’ve got to navigate financing, build out your team, and create systems that will allow you to scale your business. Oh, and learn how to make the transition from clinician to CEO while you’re at it.

That’s a tall order — especially since you probably didn’t have time to earn your MBA alongside your DDS. And we get it if you’re not sure how to start taking it on.

But we’re excited to offer you a way forward.  

Join us at this year’s Dykema conference for the first-ever Scaling Your Practice Bootcamp!

This year, for the first time ever, we’re going to the big Dykema conference in July with a mission: to give you the tools to start building a successful multi-location group.

How? Our very own Gary Bird has teamed up with the legendary Dee Fischer to host the Scaling Your Practice Bootcamp! 

Together, they’ve helped hundreds of dental practices get bigger AND more efficient. And now they’ll teach you how to do it, too.

Sign up to:

  • Successfully add new locations
  • Integrate operations and marketing for improved new patient results
  • Build systems that scale alongside your group
  • Create a powerful team culture to tie it all together
  • Meet other growth-minded dentists and practice leaders

You’ll walk away with a roadmap you can use to achieve your vision — to take your dream and make it real.

We’d love to see you there!

Get your ticket to the Scaling Your Dental Practice Bootcamp today!

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