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How to Hire a Great Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator

If you want more dental implant or full-arch cases, you need a great treatment coordinator on your team. Your coordinator builds relationships, navigates financial questions, and presents treatment plans — so having one who knows how to make all that fit together is often the difference between winning or losing a patient.

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42 Reasons Why Your Dental Marketing Sucks

If your practice or dental group isn’t seeing the new patient growth you want, use this list to identify potential problems across different stages of your funnel.

5 Marketing Mistakes That Will Kill Your De Novo Dental Practice

New dental practices often struggle to create new patients.

Some de novo owners are fresh out of dental school and simply don’t know much about marketing. DDS programs may offer outstanding clinical training, but most do little to prepare graduates for the business side of dentistry.

Dental Implant Marketing: 7 KPIs to Get More Full-Arch Patients

Good marketing is the key to implant or full-arch new patient growth. Whether you’re running a dental implant center or just looking to do more full-arch treatment at your GP practice, you need a clear, cohesive marketing strategy in order to get predictable results.

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