To Turn Around Your Failing Dental Practice, Stop Copying Other Dentists

If your dental practice is struggling, we’ve got a surprisingly simple solution that can often yield big results.

Stop copying what other dentists are doing and try something new.

For example, most dental practices are open only during traditional business hours. 8-4 or 9-5, Monday through Friday. You get the idea.

The thing is, those hours are incredibly inconvenient for anyone with a job they can’t easily take time off from. If you’ve got to choose between keeping your boss happy or getting your teeth cleaned, you’re probably going to pick the former.

And that means there is a whole untapped market of potential patients out there with no one to serve them.

If most of your competitors keep regular hours, be the dentist who is willing to change things up. Open in the early morning or the evening. Go really wild and offer to schedule patients on the weekend.

Overnight, you’ll go from one dentist among many to the ONLY option for hundreds or thousands of potential patients. Stick with it, and you’ll see your revenue start to climb, fast.

What else can you do to distinguish yourself from the herd?

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