Dental Marketing Theory

A Podcast by Gary Bird

Marketing Is Pointless If You Don’t Do This…

Brett Miller, a partner at CI Brightworth Private Wealth, stops by to talk with Gary about why being a dentist may no longer always mean practicing dentistry, how the traditional business model for dentists (open a practice, sell when you retire) is changing, and why dentists need marketing now more than ever — but only if it’s good marketing.

You NEED To Use Your Experiences To Grow A Business

Gary interviews Dr. Avi Patel, the founder, and CEO of Clear Aligner Advisor, on what drives dentists to become entrepreneurs, why Smile Direct Club has been such a smash hit, and why facing challenges means that you’re actually on the path to success.

What No One Tells You About “Work-Life Balance”

Josey Sewell, a partner at the DEO, returns to give Gary the rundown on her work building an operating system for dental leaders who are ready to scale their practices, plus the myth of work-life balance and why even dentists need a reminder that Instagram is not real life — for anyone.

No One Else Is Running A DSO Like This…

Acorn Dentistry for Kids founder Dr. Tim Richardson shares what he’s learned from building a 6-location dental group in 5 years, why he’s taken inspiration from Simon Sinek to build an organization that doesn’t have managers, and how he’s managed to keep his team’s focus on patients while still adapting much of the DSO model.