Changing Your Mindset Is the Key to Growth

Dental Life Coach founder and CEO Chelsea Myers stops by to chat with Gary on living in harmony with yourself, overcoming fear, and how dental entrepreneurs can develop an abundance-based mindset for success.

When Opportunity Knocks, Say Yes

Gary chats with CallForce CEO Cory Pinegar about how technology can help you better engage with your patients, why you should always try to help whoever calls your office, and the time he bought his company for a dollar.

Adaptation is the Key to Success

Gary speaks with Eva Sadej, the founder and CEO of Medbar and Floss Bar on her journey as a dental entrepreneur, the flexibility it takes to make a business idea succeed, and why the future of healthcare is mobile.

Dentists Are Better Together: Why Consolidation is the Future of Dentistry

Gary sits down with Santosh Patel, President and Co-Founder of Complete Specialty Solutions to discuss the future of the dental industry, the ongoing drive towards consolidation, and how specialty dentists and GPs can benefit from working together.