Dental Marketing Theory

A Podcast by Gary Bird

Dental Marketing Was a Crime

Joshua Scott, founder, and CEO of Studio 8E8, talks with Gary about how great marketing starts by telling a story, the reason that dentists have always been so far behind the marketing curve, and why savvy clinicians should take the time to build personal brands.

You Can Either Fight Change — Or Ride It

Gary chats with Dr. Eric Roman, the co-founder of JoyFULL People and a partner in the DEO, about how the journey is always better than the destination, why you need to practice what you preach if you want to build a strong company culture, and why it’s time for the dental industry to stop fighting change and start riding it.

You Don’t Have to Drown in Data

Dr. Ahmad Osman, founder, and CEO of the dental productivity platform Kasper, chats with Gary about his journey from practicing dentist to software entrepreneur (with a pitstop as a crypto investor) and how Kasper is using AI to make your dental practice more efficient.

Everything Starts With Your Mindset

Janet Hagerman, a dental consultant who helps practices or DSOs to improve case acceptance rates and become more profitable, chats with Gary about why dentists need to learn how to talk to people, how to make more money while lowering your marketing budget, the rise of AI in dentistry, and why success starts with mindset and culture.