Don’t Get Ahead of the Money

If you’re looking to grow your dental practice, here’s one thing to keep in mind: don’t get ahead of the money.

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Leading by Example

Quick — what’s the most important quality for a leader to have? Vision, energy, and the ability to motivate are all good, yes. But if you have to pick one, try cultivating humility.

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The Systems Test

Here’s a question for those brave souls looking to take a solo practice or a small group and turn it into a budding DSO:

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What is the Right Way to Evaluate Your Dental Team?

If you’re running a dental group or DSO, you know the importance of assessing your team’s performance. But what’s the best way?

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Stop Competing With Others and Start Lifting Them Up

Here’s a simple shift in your mindset that can dramatically change your daily experience and move you closer towards the kind of success you want to achieve.

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What Can Dentists Learn From Barbers?

Did you know that the first dentists were likely barbers?

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Dental Consolidation: Good or Bad?

Following the lead of other healthcare providers, dentists and the dental industry as a whole are moving in a clear direction: towards consolidation. Solo practices are linking up to form groups, groups are becoming DSOs, and big DSOs are absorbing smaller competitors.

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Help Every Caller

It’s 4 PM on a Friday. You’re itching to get an early start on your commute home when your phone rings. The caller wants to know if your practice accepts Medicaid.

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Struggling to Hire? Step Up Your Benefits Package!

If you want to recruit the best new talent, take a good long look at your benefits package. As a whole, the dental industry is falling behind other healthcare providers (and the larger business community) in offering the kind of benefits that make potential hires sit up and take notice.

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3 Key Marketing Numbers You Need to Know

If you’re running marketing for your dental practice — or hiring an outside firm to do it for you — here are three key numbers that you need to be able to measure.

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