Innovating the Dental Supply Chain

Dental supply has long been a monolithic part of our industry. The same few companies have dominated for decades and unless you’re one of the increasing number of practices willing to risk shopping on the gray market, your options are limited.

We recently spoke with Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman (both of DC Dental Supplies) on Dental Marketing Theory to get their take on innovation in the space. They highlighted how with so many SKUs in most dental product sales inventories, even simply ordering new supplies can be a daunting task for practices. 

They also told us that, in their opinion, buying from the gray market isn’t worth it — because you don’t only run the risk of quality issues, but may open your practice up to litigation by using dental supplies marked as “not for sale in the US.”

We understand that keeping practices supplied is a complex and difficult process. But we’re excited to see firms like DC Dental assessing the current way things are done with clear eyes.

This, we hope, will lead to new developments in how dental supply companies do business and better outcomes for our industry as a whole.

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