How to Attract the Right People (and Repel the Wrong Ones)

Building a strong team is essential to success in the dental business. But how do you find people who are the right fit for what you’re trying to accomplish? 

Beyond the obvious (screening for skills or education), think in terms of culture. You need team members who are eager to align with the values you want to build your practice around.

Fortunately, the easiest way to recruit them is also the simplest: don’t try to appeal to everyone. Instead, do the opposite: be really clear and honest about what you stand for in order to deliberately attract the candidates you want while weeding out the ones you don’t.

For example, if you want to create a work environment where you all enjoy spending time together, emphasize community building during your interview process and in your recruiting materials. Be upfront about it and get specific with questions like, “How would you feel about participating in our regular team dinners?”

Some potential recruits won’t like the sound of that and will naturally move in another direction. But you’ll also see the excitement on the faces of those who would thrive in such an atmosphere.

That clarity is a win for all involved.

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