How Do You Go From Dentist to Dental CEO

For too many dentists, the road to building a dental group is riddled with trial and error.

How do you scale from one or two locations to five or even 10+? How do you get funding without having to give up control to outside investors who value the bottom line above patient care?

And most importantly, perhaps — how do you go from practicing dentist to a dental CEO ready to face the challenge of the road ahead?

Most dentists do this the hard way — by making lots of mistakes. And too often, those mistakes can sink a budding dental group before it ever gets off the ground.

Now, you can do things the hard way too. Or you can join us in Denver, Colorado, for the Scaling From Clinician to CEO Summit from October 5-7.

Attend and you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a dental group that is focused on your clinical values
  • Skip past the most common mistakes new dental executives make
  • Navigate the mergers and acquisitions process
  • Avoid giving up control over your business to outside investors
  • Accelerate your journey from dentist to dental CEO

Created by our friends at Polaris Healthcare Partners (and featuring our very own Gary Bird as a speaker!), the Summit will give you the chance to learn from top growth experts who have done all this before — and meet fellow dentists who share your drive and vision.

Plus, you’ll enjoy a discounted stay at the freshly renovated four-star Sheraton hotel in beautiful downtown Denver!

Space is limited, though. We’re asking that only practice owners and their top go-getters attend — so pick your best teammate and clear your calendar from October 5-7!

Ready to Trade Your Scaler for the C-Suite?

  • Skip the trial and error
  • Stay true to your clinical values
  • Take the fast lane to becoming a dental CEO.

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