Feeling Burned Out? Try Questioning Your Beliefs.

If you’re feeling burned out, stressed, or world-weary, well, first we’d suggest getting a good night’s sleep. 

Better yet, get several. Life, even at its most ordinary, takes it out of all of us sometimes.

But if sleep doesn’t do the trick, try doing something else: questioning your beliefs.

Beliefs are a filter through which we see the world. But they’re not the real thing — just an overlay that can end up doing nothing more than discoloring our understanding of reality.

And too often, we find ourselves hemmed in by our beliefs. This can be not just limiting, but exhausting, and cause the kind of burnout that can’t simply be cured with a little rest.

If we get curious about our beliefs, though, we can start to change. This is about living in questions rather than declarations — making the effort to stop simply telling ourselves a narrative about how things are and start asking “how are things, really?”

Better yet, we can turn that curiosity toward ourselves. Less “this is who I am” and more “who am I?”

That kind of shift creates uncertainty, yes — along with new space, possibilities, and most of all, energy.

A quick fix? Eh, probably not.

But stick with it and you may find it to be a profound one.

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