Embracing the Servant-Leader Mindset

If you want to make the leap from being a dentist or a practice owner to becoming a real leader, stop thinking about what you can do to help yourself.

Instead, start putting your attention towards what you can do to help your team.

This is called servant-leadership or what Simon Sinek describes as a “leader eats last” mindset. The idea is simple: when you focus on lifting up those around you instead of getting yours, you’ll create an environment where your team will do the same — to the benefit of everyone involved.

However, simple always doesn’t mean easy. Cultivating a servant-leader mentality takes time and effort. 

If you want it to stick, you’ll need to create a deliberate habit. Make your intention a question: What can I do today to help my team?

Ask that question three times a day for a month and it will start to stick. And you’ll be opening up a whole new world of potential for your practice.

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