What's On The Agenda?

During this short bootcamp, Gary Bird, Dee Fischer, and a team of seasoned experts from SMC will give you the rundown on how to turn great marketing into great DENTAL marketing. In less than 2 days, you’ll be better equipped to deliver new patient results for your dental group.


6:00 PM

Welcome Dinner


8:00 AM

Foundations of Dental Marketing

8:30 AM

Hiring and Managing a Marketing Manager

9:00 AM

Essential Marketing KPIs and Benchmarks

10:00 AM

How to Get More Google Reviews

11:00 AM

The Real Reason Most Dental Marketing Fails

12:45 PM

Mastermind Session: Building Your Brand with Your Marketing Avatar in Mind

1:45 PM

Assessing Your Marketing Effectiveness at the Practice Level

2:15 PM

Marketing Treatments Over $3000

2:45 PM

How to Manage Online Reputation and Social Calendars at Scale

4:00 PM

How to Select and Manage a Marketing Partner

4:30 PM

Action Plan, Marketing Mastermind and Slack — Assets to Help You on This Journey

Become a DENTAL Marketer

Take your craft to the next level. Deliver next-level results.