Cutting-Edge Tech Isn’t Just for High-End Dental Practices

Many dentists probably assume that the latest advances in dentistry — everything from lasers to CEREC scanning and milling — are just for high-end practices that cater to wealthy patients.

But we recently heard a different take by Dr. Marc Faber on Dental Marketing Theory. The founder of Edge Dental Management, Dr. Faber owns several Medicaid practices, where he offers services like same-day crowns to his patients.

The basic idea here is simple. By investing in the latest advances in dentistry, any practice can make itself more efficient. 

And a more efficient practice means a more productive — and valuable — one. 

Think about it like this. You can devote multiple appointments, spread out over several weeks, to placing a crown for a patient with a damaged tooth. Or you can invest in CEREC technology and do the whole thing in just one visit.

If you’re going to bill Medicaid for the same services either way, doesn’t it make more sense to take the more efficient approach?

Dr. Faber has used this model to bring top-of-the-line services to patients who typically receive second-tier care. We hope more dentists will follow his lead!

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