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We Gave Blue Ridge Dentistry a 2334% Marketing ROI. Learn How.

After buying Blue Ridge Dentistry, practice owners Dr. Lisbet Cherniavsky and Alex Cherniavsky asked SMC to help them grow. What happened next blew them away.

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Meet Blue Ridge Dentistry

Blue Ridge Dentistry is an established multi-doctor family dental practice in Boone, North Carolina. Originally founded by Dr. Michael Taylor, the practice was later bought by Dr. Lisbet Cherniavsky and her husband Alex, a managing director at Tusk Partners

After purchasing, the Cherniavskys were determined to grow their new practice, which had seen about 3500 patients the year before. They partnered with SMC to power their marketing, scheduling, and patient conversion process so they could start quickly expanding their patient base.

Blue Ridge Dentistry treated roughly 5600 patients last year, a 60% increase over their baseline. Keep reading to learn more.

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ROI as a % of marketing budget over 24 months

CPQL (cost per qualified lead) over 24 months




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