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What’s the Future of Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygiene has changed dramatically over the past few years. The labor market has still not recovered from the pandemic when a wave of retirements meant that practices found themselves navigating unfilled vacancies for months.

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What If Dentists Stopped Setting Goals for Production?

Most dentists — especially if they operate as part of a dental group or a DSO — face specific production goals. Per the ADA, the average dentist produces roughly $3,000 in treatment per day, with high performers checking in at closer to $5,000.

How to Find the Right Dental Marketing Agency [A Guide for Dentists and DSOs]

Learn how to pick the best dental marketing company for your practice or dental group — and steer clear of the ones that will waste your time and money.

Why Dentists Should Experience Other Roles in a Practice Before Leading One

Here’s one for aspiring practice owners. If you can, get some experience working in practice roles other than dentist: treatment coordinator, receptionist, dental assistant — or all of the above.

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