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Big Data Is Coming for Dental

One industry trend that we’re keeping a close eye on is the growing role of data in dental.

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You Can’t Market Your Dental Practice Without a Clear New Patient Avatar. Here’s How to Build Yours.

If you’re no longer generating enough new patients through referrals, that means… it’s time to start marketing your dental practice.

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50 Percent of Dentists Retire Early Due to Chronic Physical Strain. Dental Can Do Better.

Here’s a dark side of the dental industry we should all pay more attention to.

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Track Your Referrals to Grow Your Practice

Referrals are the single most reliable — and cost-effective — way to generate new patients. 

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Everybody Fails

If you’re a dentist or work in the industry, you could probably do with a reminder on this one. Everybody fails.

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You Can’t Ignore Culture Anymore

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: practice owners can no longer ignore culture.

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Selling Your Dental Practice? Don’t Count on Getting the Full Price.

If you’re selling your dental practice, here’s one bit of advice to keep in mind. Let’s say you’re offered a deal that values your practice at $15 million. That’s nothing to sneeze at — so you sign and walk away …

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Using Debt to Grow Your Dental Group? Take These Two Steps.

Recently, we heard a horror story about a dental group owner who had taken out loans to open several different practices. 

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Are You a Dentist or a CEO?

Let’s say you’re a dentist who owns four or five locations. You split your time between managing your dental group and continuing your clinical practice. 

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How Do You Go From Dentist to Dental CEO

For too many dentists, the road to building a dental group is riddled with trial and error.

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