Answered: the DSO Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask


DSOs are the hottest thing in dental. 

Over the last decade, our industry has trended sharply toward consolidation. Practice after practice has been scooped up by dental service organizations — many backed by private equity money — eager to capitalize on efficiencies and economies of scale.

While we see both positives (more resources to provide higher quality care, doctors free to focus on patient work) and negatives (risks to clinical autonomy, dentists getting swallowed up by corporate dentistry), weighing the pros and cons may be almost beside the point. DSOs are here to stay — and over the next few years, will likely continue to grow at a breakneck pace.

Per the ADA, 30 percent of dental students in their final year of school plan to join a DSO-affiliated practice after graduating. Young dentists cite factors like mentorship, avoiding the debt burden associated with opening their own practice, and peace of mind as playing key roles in their decision to choose to work with a DSO.

But what does all this mean for the dental industry as a whole? And what does it mean for you — as either a newly minted dentist or a seasoned veteran?

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

Join our very own Gary Bird and Dykema’s Brian Colao, perhaps America’s foremost legal expert on DSOs, for a free webinar that will answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about DSOs (but didn’t know how to ask). We cover topics like:

  • What makes a DSO different from a dental group?
  • Why is so much of the industry converting to DSOs?
  • What should you know before selling your practice to a DSO?
  • How do you pick the right DSO to partner with?
  • And more!

We get deep into the weeds because we’ve been there before. Brian has spent his career structuring DSOs, doing merger and acquisition deals, and helping them ensure compliance with dental regulations. Meanwhile, under Gary’s leadership, SMC has generated millions of dollars of new patient revenue for some of the largest DSOs in the country.

The whole webinar lasts only 40 minutes, but you’ll come out feeling much more clear on how to deal with DSOs — whether you’re joining one as an associate, considering a partnership deal, or getting ready to sell your practice and ride off into the sunset.

All Your DSO Questions Answered in Just 40 Minutes

Get FREE instant access to the State of the DSO Industry webinar!

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