Are Your Patients Helping to Market Your Practice?

We’re a marketing company that specializes in generating new patients for dental practices. But we also want to be honest with you — the best new patients don’t come from marketing.

The truth is, marketing patients are tough to satisfy and quick to shop around for a better bargain or a shinier office. While you’ll need to put up with a certain amount of this if you really want to grow your business, there is another kind of new patient that will make your life much easier.

Referral patients.

A good referral patient arrives for their first appointment pre-sold. They’re excited to give you the opportunity to improve their dental health. 

Why? Because one of your existing patients has told them all about that time you came in on a Saturday to repair a broken crown or the way your hygienist cracks jokes to help them relax during a root canal. A referral patient feels emotionally connected to your practice before they ever step through your doors.

So ask yourself: how can you encourage your existing patients to tell their friends about you? Good referrals are less about clever gimmicks and more about providing an exceptional patient experience. If you’re the kind of doctor you’d want your loved ones to go see, with a team that feels genuinely happy and enthusiastic about what they do, then you’re setting yourself up for success.

In other words, a good referral starts with you.

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