Are You a Dentist or a CEO?

Let’s say you’re a dentist who owns four or five locations. You split your time between managing your dental group and continuing your clinical practice. 

Here’s an essential question to ask yourself: do you want to be a dentist or a CEO?

Why does this matter? Because you’re reaching the point where you’ll need to choose.

You can manage a practice or two while still seeing patients. Maybe even three. But eventually, you’re going to become the bottleneck in your organization — a part-time CEO with one foot in both worlds.

Decisions will get postponed or rushed because you’re too busy placing a crown. Your organizational structure will go underdeveloped. You’ll miss out on developing your big-picture leadership skills.

And you’ll keep your dental group from realizing its potential.

There’s nothing wrong with being either a dentist or a CEO. But you can’t be both forever.

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