Americans Aren’t Getting Their Teeth Cleaned. What Can You Do to Help?

Did you know that only 60-ish percent of Americans see a dentist every year? 

For a service that most healthcare professionals would agree is essential to long-term good health, that number is shockingly low. While some people don’t schedule appointments because they lack access, insurance, or the financial resources to pay for care, many others simply don’t understand why they should bother.

That’s where you come in. As a dentist, you can use your expertise to help educate your community on the value you and your team provide — and bring more new patients through your doors. 

This can be as simple as putting out regular social media posts that explain how good dental care can help improve a person’s life. Try, for example, recording a short video each week where you talk about different procedures (like cleanings, fillings, fluoride treatments, etc.) and explain what problems each treatment can address.

You can also get more hands-on. Consider reaching out to a local high school and volunteering to give talks about oral hygiene during health classes or connecting with other healthcare providers in your area to establish a referral relationship and encourage them to remind their patients about the benefits of dentistry. 

Think about what works for you, and give it a shot.

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