AI Can Help DSOs Increase Trust

DSOs have historically faced something called the trust problem. AI can help solve it.

Here’s the problem: Dentists don’t trust DSOs because they are worried about DSOs prioritizing revenue over patient care. 

And patients don’t trust DSOs because they’re worried about doctors prescribing unnecessary treatments.

Enter AI. Dentists are starting to use AI software to review x-rays, CT scans, and photos of patients’ mouths so that the AI can come up with a recommended diagnosis and treatment plan. 

This means that everyone can be on the same page about treatment. 

Patients feel more confident because diagnoses are more accurate and clear than ever. Plus they know that the DSO is investing in the latest technology to help improve clinical care. 

And doctors know that treatment recommendations are coming from the neutral AI — not the DSO.

The result? Higher case acceptance rates and more trust all around.

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