Need More Dental Patients? We Can Help.

We use clear, actionable data to give your dental group or DSO a predictable stream of new patients that we can adjust monthly to meet your needs.

Welcome to the Future of Dental Marketing

A monthly subscription to SMC doesn’t just give you more new patients, but a long-term, sustainable marketing funnel that can scale alongside your group and adapt to fit your changing goals. You’ll need to budget for bigger waiting rooms, though.

Lead Generation

Build Predictable New Patient Flow

Tired of throwing marketing dollars at the wall and hoping something sticks? So are we. That’s why we’ve built a team that does one thing really well: combining a rigorous use of data with deep experience in the group practice space to give you a consistent stream of new patients walking through your doors.

Data Reporting

Power Your Growth With Data

We measure and optimize every step of your new patient funnel from ads to phone conversion rates. You’ll also gain a level of insight and transparency that you won’t find anywhere else, including real-time access to all of your essential marketing KPIs through our tracking app so you can plan and scale with confidence.

Subscription Pricing

Say Goodbye to Contracts

Welcome to the driver’s seat. Instead of locking yourself into a long-term contract, you’ll pay a simple monthly subscription fee that covers all your marketing services and goes up or down depending on how many new patients you want each month. Plus, you can cancel anytime (although we think you won’t).

Support for DSOs

Establish Your DSO Online

If your dental group is becoming a DSO, you need a platform for recruiting and acquisitions. We give you the tools to connect with talent, attract potential new partners, and establish your DSO as a presence that is more than just a collection of dental practices.

Custom Digital Content

Bring Your Marketing to Life

Want to level up? Add custom digital content. This can include fresh web copy, a new logo, social media support, and even on-location video shoots — all of which help define your image and help your group stand out to new patients, job seekers, or acquisition partners.

Solve Your New Patient Needs With a Simple Monthly Subscription. Then Breathe Easy.

Want to know what makes SMC special? Ask some of the awesome people we work with!

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Our Secret Weapon is Teamwork

At SMC, we go the extra mile for our people — and they do the same for our clients.