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Cultivating Growth.

At SMC, we are passionate about helping people and practices grow.

We specialize in creating marketing systems for emerging DSOs and group practices. Our process offers proven systems that measure ROI and predictable patient flow in order to streamline your group practice and help clear the noise that is preventing you from seeing true growth. We’ll be your guide through the long dark tunnel of your everyday and show you what it looks like on the other side.

What we do.

  • Success Coaching
  • Marketing & Design
  • Data-Driven Solutions
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Team Growth

Hands-on instruction.

We believe in learning through interactive coaching. Let your team acquire relevant knowledge through role-play scenarios and professional coaching, not lectures and mindless videos.

Expand your reach.

We offer turn-key marketing solutions. Get your group practice running smoothly again by working with a company who assists you in reaching and surpassing your individual goals.

Proven patient flow.

We have been doing this for a long time. Leverage our experience by incorporating internal referral programs, income targeting, competition research and more to help grease the wheel.

Accountability for you and us.

We offer full transparency. The proof is often seen in the numbers, so expect daily, weekly, and monthly reporting on leads and results.

An extension of your team.

We have a growth mindset. Our collaborative approach means our team grows with your team and you become masters of your own marketing.

  • DSO Specialty
  • No Contracts
  • Communication
  • Culture

We get you.

Our experienced team comes from all areas of the group practice culture. We know the struggles you face because we’ve helped countless others in your same situation! You’re not alone on an island… you’ve got us!

Our results speak for themselves.

We understand the group practice culture and mentality because we have been there too. We’re so proud of the results our services offer that we fully believe you won’t want to leave. We’re just that good.

Getting to know you.

We have the uncanny ability to over-communicate, which means we are proactive and you get TONS of data. We’re kind of data nerds. But that’ll help you grow.

Our identity is.

You’ll never meet another team like us. We believe in growing and fostering our own team culture, and our enthusiasm for this is contagious, so you’ll want to do the same with your teams. SMC isn’t just a marketing firm, but also a dental, coaching, acquisition, and development powerhouse.

You're not alone!

SMC National is your borderline obsessed best friend who is here to hype you and your team up to the next level. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, partner with a team that understands you, your struggles, and your goals. Get in touch with SMC National and let’s enjoy success together!

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